The U.S. Army’s Warrior Games team is comprised of 45 wounded, ill, and/or injured Active Duty Soldiers and Veterans.

Adaptive sports, such as those offered at the DoD Warrior Games, comprise a portion of ARCP’s Adaptive Reconditioning Program. The program consists of moderate intensity and therapeutic activities offered to wounded, ill, or injured Soldiers to optimize well-being, foster an active life-style, and help Soldiers achieve short-term and long-term goals.


The Army Recovery Care Program manages recovery and complex care for wounded ill, and injured soldiers across all army components. Since ARCP’s inception, over 80,000 soldiers have participated in the program.

Through the use of Soldier Recovery Units, the Army Recovery Care Program manages the recovery of wounded, ill and injured soldiers requiring complex care. The program also provides resources and advocacy for families and caregivers of soldiers recovering in the program.

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