Georgia actively participates in the processes of strengthening international security and stability and has a significant impact on the successful implementation of international operations in various parts of the world. Since 1999, Georgian forces have been actively participating in peacekeeping missions in Kosovo, Iraq, Afghanistan, Central African Republic and Republic of Mali and is the largest contributor to NATO's "Resolute Support Mission" in Afghanistan in terms of the number of military personnel per capita deployed to the mission.

Ministry of Defence of Georgia continues focusing on warrior care that restores the physical and mental well-being of Georgian wounded soldiers and their sense of self-worth as productive members of society. This responsibility is carried out with the dignity and respect these heroes deserve. The Ministry demonstrated commitment to care for wounded servicemen and their families with the opening of the Maro Makashvili Tserovani Rehabilitation Centre that has been conducting rehabilitation courses since 2014. The aim of the center is to create an appropriate environment for the long-term rehabilitation of soldiers who have been wounded and injured for Georgia’s territorial integrity or in international peacekeeping missions.


The rehabilitation course is carried out by a team of specialists of different profiles - doctor-rehabilitologist, physical and occupational rehabilitologist, case manager, prosthetist-orthodontist, psychologist and psychiatrist. Adapted sport is essential for wounded and injured warriors as it aims to develop new skills, discover new opportunities and integrate into society. The Georgian Warrior Games team is composed of 20 wounded and/or injured active-duty warriors and veterans. Georgian Warrior Games team is honored to be engaged in the DoD Warrior Games.

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